Vertical SHR/AFT Machine Hair Removal Machine

Vertical SHR/AFT Machine Hair Removal Machine



1. 3 shots , 5 shots , 10 shots per second, fast hair removal in painless.

2. Wavelength ending at 950nm for super effect! Prevent skin moisture loss or burning risk.highly improve therapeutic effect and shorten course of treatment.

3. Multilingual arbitrary languages on software

4. USA Fast plug, more safety

5. Perfect cooling system: 24 hours continuous work

6. High power handle, Change filter handle, more choices

7. TUV ISO13485, CE approved


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Vertical SHR/AFT Machine Hair Removal Machine


1. Remove undesired hair
2. Remove epidermal pigmentation
3. Remove red blood vessels
4. Acne and scars treatment
5. Skin rejuvenation
6. Wrinkle removal
7. Speckle removal


Display8.4/10.4/15/19 inch

color touch screen

Lamp-houseSuper intense pulsed light
Output power2400W
RF delay100-3000ms
Light released1shot 1s,2 shots 1s,3 shots 1s, 4 shots 1s, 5 shots 1s, 10 shots 1 s, 1 shot every   2s,1 shot every 3s
Size of Spot30*12mm2, 16*50 mm2(optional)
Interval of Pulse1~99ms,adjustable
Skin cooling≤0-1℃
Working PeriodContinuously stand-by working for 24 hours
Cooling WaySemiconductor + wind + water cooling
Operating voltage110V/230V ± 10%, 50/60Hz, 12A


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