The Siemens Emotion Duo Dual Slice CT Scanner is a state-of-the-art CT machine. It has a standard speed of 1s per rotation or an optional speed of 0.8s per rotation.



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The Siemens Emotion Duo is a 2-slice CT Machine offering subsecond scanning, a comprehensive range of clinical applications, and cost-effectiveness compared to the single-slice through its Lightning UFC dual-detector technology. The Siemens Emotion Duo provides anatomical volumes with thinner slices for excellent reformatted images, higher mAs for improved image quality, and less stress on the X-ray tube compared to the single-slice. The Siemens Emotion Duo is a excellent, affordable option to bring high resolution imaging and a wide range of clinical applications to your facility.

Sequential Scanning
This is an incremental, slice-by-slice imaging mode in which there is no table movement during data acquisition. A minimum inter-scan delay in between each acquisition is required to move the table to the next slice position.

Quick Scan
The data is usually acquired during a full 360° rotation – this is a Full scan. Data acquisition not using a full 360° rotation is called a “Quick scan”. Quick scans are employed to reduce motion artifacts and improve the temporal resolution e. g. in the ECG-triggered mode for Calcium Scoring.

Multiple continuous rotations at the same table position are performed for data acquisition. Normally, it is applied for fast dynamic contrast studies, such as Perfusion CT. Occasionally, it can also be used to raise the mAs at the expense of scan time, however, not to increase the tube current (mA), e. g. in the examination protocols for large patients.

Spiral Scanning
Spiral (helical) scanning is a continuous volume imaging mode. The data acquisition and table movements are performed simultaneously for the entire scan duration. There is no inter-scan delay and a typical range can be acquired in a single breath hold. This eliminates missed lesion detection due to respiratory misregistration.

  • SafeCT Low-dose Solution
  • Dual multislice helical
  • 800ms rotation
  • 50 slices in 20s breathhold
  • 100 seconds spiral time
  • 15.5 lp/cm spatial resolution
  • Contrast detectability
  • With 16 cm CATPHAN
  • 3mm/3HU/19.7mGy/100mAs with 20 cm CATPHAN
  • 5mm/3HU/15.8mGy/90mAs
  • 1s image reconstruction time
  • 40 kW generator


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