The Hitachi Airis II firmly established Hitachi’s reputation as the Open MRI Scanner leader, equipped with a low maintenance permanent magnet provides quality and broad capability.


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AIRIS II firmly established Hitachi’s reputation as the Open MR leader, equipped with a workhorse low maintenance permanent magnet providing consistent image quality and broad capability.

The innovative gantry design and wide patient table continues to deliver a high level of patient comfort. The AIRIS II has continued to maintain high resale value over the last decade and remains a sought-after scanner on the used equipment market.

0.3T permanent magnet technology means economical siting and operation

  • Small 5G footprint – 6.6ft. horizontal x 8.2ft. vertical.
  • No Equipment room or chiller required.
  • 388 sq. ft. minimum site plan.
  • 208v single phase power.
  • Low 3KW average power consumption.

Open patient accessibility

  • 80cm wide patient table.
  • 18” minimum table height.
  • 500 lb weight capacity.
  • Clinical application: Whole body.
  • Configuration: Vertical Orientation Field.
  • Surface coils: DualQuad T/R Body Coil, MA Head, MA C-Spine, MA Shoulder, MA Wrist, MA CTL Spine, MA Knee, MA TMJ, MA Flex Body (3 sizes), Neck, small and large Extremity, PVA (WIP), Breast (WIP), Neurovascular (WIP), Cardiac (WIP) and MA Foot//Ankle (WIP).
  • Spectroscopy: No
  • Synchronization: Cardiac gating, ECG/peripheral, respiratory gating (2 modes).
  • Pulse sequences: SE, GE, GR, IR, FIR, STIR, ss-FSE, FSE, DE-FSE/FIR, FLAIR, ss/ms-EPI, ss/ms EPI- DWI, SSP, MTC, SE/GE-EPI, MRCP, SARGE, RSSG, TRSG, BASG, Angiography: CE, PC, 2D/3D TOF.
  • Imaging modes: Single, multislice, volume study.
  • Magnet type: Permanent, self shielded.
  • Field strength: 0.3 T
  • Strength: 8 mT/m
  • 5-gauss fringe field: horizontal 2.5 m x 2.1 m vertical.
  • Shimming: Auto shimming, 3-axis/patient and active shimming.


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