GE Voluson S8 Ultrasound Machine

GE Voluson S8 Ultrasound Machine


Voluson S8 looks identical to the Voluson S6, and the two systems even use most of the same transducers, the Voluson S8 offers about twice as many channels. This produces a significant advantage in image quality. The Voluson S8 uses the same cost-effective RS transducers as the GE Voluson I and offers nearly the same imaging quality as the Voluson E8, but at a lower price and with a much smaller and lighter construction.



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Voluson S8 is designed for women’s health applications, especially obstetrics, gynecology, and fertility. Secondary applications include general imaging, adult and pediatric cardiology, and neonatal cardiology.

Dimensions & Weight of the Voluson S8

Height: (adjustable, maximum) 1725 mm (67.9 in), (minimum) 975 mm (38.4 in)
Width: 620 mm (24.4 in)
Depth: 850 mm (33.4 in)
Weight: (no Peripherals) 90 kg (198 lbs.), approx. 325 lbs. with packaging

Voluson S8 Specifications

Digital Beamformer
335,127 system processing channel technology
Minimum Depth of Field: 0-1 cm (Zoom, probe dependent)
Maximum Depth of Field: 0-36 cm (probe dependent)
Up to 261 dB Dynamic Range adjustable by selecting 12 Dynamic Contrast Curves

Electrical Output of the Voluson S8

Voltage: 100-120VAC, 220-240VAC
Frequency: 50/60 Hz (+/-2%)
Power consumption: Nominal 900VA including all options. Typical power consumption with 500VA load approx. 1.75A at 230V/50Hz without peripherals.
Thermal Output: 1200 BTU/h


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