Diode Laser

Diode Laser


Using the 810nm pulse diode laser, Olive plus destroys the black melanin pigments in the hair follicle to remove hair. The beam of Olive provides identical amounts of energy for all pulses to reduce pain and protect surrounding skin tissues.


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Operating – Install & Treatment

Generally, user can easy set the parameter depend on the treatment.

User can adjust the frequency from 1Hz to 14 Hz and fluence from 1J to 50J.

There are limitations to simultaneously control the values of frequency and fluence on high level of energy.

The safe parameter is programmed to avoid side effects.

Set the parameter for the treatment.

Beams are emitted as many as the frequency value while the user is pressing the shot button.

Beams at the Repeat Mode are emitted continuously while the user is pressing the shot button.

You can set value of parameters; On Time / Frequency / Fluence / Power

Benefits of Olive

A. Perfect hair removal

Olive laser can deliver the energy to the dermal layer safely until the hair follicle is destroyed without anesthesia cream. Olive has reduced pains and increased efficacies.

Other normal laser has a lot of pain even though it use anesthesia cream because it has too much strong energy laser.  So it has some kinds of side effects as burn, pain, pigmentation and inflammation.

B. Fast treatment

The frequency of the Olive laser is 14Hz with 10 times shot repetition in a second. So it can destroy the hair follicle quickly and safely. (10~20 mins’ treatment)

C. Hair restraint

Olive laser leads to heat diffusion from the bulb to the area of the bulge and he matrix cells, leading to destruction of the capacity for new hair follicle formation. It restrains the hair re-growing.

D. Power cooling on the handpiece to protect the skin.

E. No down time.

F. Barely side effects.

* Before the treatment

-The darkening of the skin by sun tanning should be restored to normal color

-The effectiveness of laser treatment will not be as good as there will be no hair within the pore. It should wait until hair growing

-Should inform in advanced if the patient has sun irritable skin, pregnant, heart disease, or keloid and also younger than 8 years old child


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