CBCT Machine

CBCT Machine

CBCT Machine

CBCT Machine – Cone beam computed tomography system are our variation of traditional computer tomography the CBSE system used by dental professional rotate around the patient which capturing the data using a cone shaped x-ray beam.

Features and benefits

Cone beam computed tomography system are variation of traditional computed tomography ( CT) system. The CBCT Machine system used by dental professional rotate around the patient, capturing data using a cone- shaped X ray beam.  Come beam computed tomography is a radiography imaging of hard tissue structure. CBCT is the most significant among the medical diagnostic imaging modalities emerged.

This is a type of CT scanner it uses a special type of technology to generate three dimensional images of dental structures of tissue nerve path and bone in  facial region in single scan if you are talking about its advantages  CBCT Machine positive as number of advantages of a medical CT in clinical practices such as lower effective radiation doubts doses lower course fee were space requirement easier image acquisition and interactive display more such as multiplayer construction that are applicable to maxillofacial imaging.

4 way healthcare establish in year 2008 at Gujarat their having four way medical laser and technology and are partnership based company which engage in manufacturing trading and exporting of laser treatment machine and instrument hospital machines aesthetic laser diode machine X-ray machine etc under the supervision of managing director Sandeep Sudheer increasing the long list of satisfy line and providing  exporting service to their client there exporting their product to Africa England and Canada as well with insure it best quality and efficiency they are providing 24 hour 7 days support with free shipping and having satisfied feedback from their clients as well.

CBCT reckoned firm of this domain engaged in offering an enhanced CBCT Machine with one year warranty. It is having specifications like power , electric condition, new and refurbished. 


In 4 way healthcare you can get best product CBCT machine with guarantee of a year and under the price of ₹7, 300,000.

Computing tomography rank as one of best top 5 medical development in the last 50 years according to a medical survey it determine when surgeries are necessary it reduce the need for exploratory surgeries it improve the cancer diagnose and treatment it reduce the length of hospitalization it guide the treatment of common conditions such as injury cardiac disease placement into appropriate areas of care such as intensive care unit. 4 way healthcare provides best quality service and the products which even export in other countries which ensure it’s reliability.

 If you are thinking to purchase CBCT machine then don’t be late. The information gain from CBCT scan prior to dental implant placement is invaluable and quickly becoming the standard of care in implantology while implant were place for many years without  CBCT.   there is simply no reason not to have this data into the world when treatment planning and implant case there is no situation where someone find it beneficial to have less information rather than more information for more clearly then traditional radiograph especially around the maxillary sinus it can also be used to navigate root canal and atomy and evaluate treated canals very beiefly. 

This machine envision the space it will occupy in your office or clinic.

 CBCT  machine take  approximately the same amount of space and have both 2D and 3D sensors and therefore  it able to capture the panoramic radiograph as well as it is having the dual function capability  in  a single  machine. It also be reconstructed  the image from CBCT by  using software this dual capability means your new CB CT machine can replace old panoramic machine without taking extra space.

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