Cath Lab Machine

Cath Lab Machine

Cath Lab Machine

Cath Lab Machine – A Cath lab machine is where the test and procedure including abolition , angiogram  and implementation of peacemaker and the ICD are carried out usually you all will be away for these procedure a Cath lab machine of different specialist usually it led by cardiologist. it provide the updated software revision and the version. 4 way health care provide the batch brand cities scanner with the best services as well it price is not costly.

It is an examination room with clinic of diagnostic imaging equipment’s. Every Cath lab machine is having special imaging equipment which used to see arteries and check how well blood is flowing 2 and from the heart the information has the care to diagnose and treat blockage and other problem in the arteries.


Provide you different brands of Cath Lab Machine within the reasonable price like it provides Innova IQ digital care class under 12,000,000, GE vivid ultrasound under 3,000,000. , Philips Allura Cath lab machine under 17,500, 000 , Siemens under 17,800,000.

Innova cardiac collimator OMEGA motorized table with weight limit 204 kg and GE smart box and table side system control. Cardiovascular single plane system with completely digital imaging change with ge exclusive LC positioner I know our cardiac colony mater having the thermocol detector conditioner with unity software level and the touch screen unit along with standard interface package.

4 way healthcare establish in year 2008 at Gujarat their having four way medical laser and technology and are partnership based company which engage in manufacturing trading and exporting of laser treatment machine and instrument hospital machines aesthetic laser diode machine X-ray machine etc. under the supervision of managing director Sandeep Sudheer increasing the long list of satisfy line and providing  exporting service to their client there exporting their product to Africa England and Canada as well with insure it best quality and efficiency they are providing 24 hour 7 days support with free shipping and having satisfied feedback from their clients as well.

If we are talking about the benefits for we health care provide you the 3D view in any Antony see and Antony clearly use automated automated Dose management tools and table size those reduction feature it increase the productivity with the remote connectivity proactive system login license and the real time processing focus with the innovative then try design versatile table and friendly interface.

Philips Allura allow for fast and convenient imaging which increase work flow to let you perform complex procedure it is having complete viewing flexibility like lips has introduced new viewing concept flex vision which provide outstanding flexibility using hide definition LCD screen and allow you to display multiple images in a variety of layout also it is having the personalization streamline intervention everything from patient data management exam schedule image acquisition system movement image post processing and archiving it can be said to each clinical specific style.


Some feature of a test optimal 3D performance the Philips Allura system are designed for fast flexible images with intuitive control a table side simplify operation which focus on patient with interface and the easy patient access which are together Isometric and cradle capabilities with unique double C-arc  concept on electrolyze and creating optimal space for interventional team.

Cath Lab Machine


A Cath lab machine has a special imaging equipment which used to see the arteries and check how well blood is flowing two and from the heart even if we are talking about the benefit of it then you will get into no that is a Cath lab has a special imaging equipment which used to see the arteries and check how the well bodies flowing through and so the her which this information help care team to diagnose and treat the blockage and other problem in the arteries and the four way health care provide you the best machine for the Cath have under the reasonable price is with the high resolution image quality and guarantee as well.

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