PET CT Scan Machine

PET CT scanner if your hospital or diagnostic center of high quality Nuclear medicine  equipment then you have come to the right please 4 way health care provide a best PET CT scanner , it provides you with top class equipment along with the other products that every order client will get the best service and the guarantee with fair pricing promise. 

A procedure that combine the pictures from emission tomography that means pet scan and a computer tomography which a CT scan the TET and  CT scan are done at the same time with the same machine the combined scan give more detail picture of areas inside a body then either scan can give by itself. 4 way healthcare provides best quality service and the products which even export in other countries which ensure it’s reliability.

You can get different brands PET CT scanner like  GE discovery LS 16 slice p e t is it is scanner achieved absolute sensitivity and one of the highest scanner in the market the highest level found on any scanner on the market forces the sensitivity and double digit measurement which represent a critical  design to deliver fast and details at low  dose if we are talking about some benefits then it cover short position time low inject doors patient small lesion detectivity design for ease of service simplified work flow of streamline operation advance application to help clinical make fast and confidence diagnose.


 PET scan  detect early sign of Cancer her disease and brain disorder and  injectable radioactive tracer serve detect disease cell a combination of PET CT Scan produce 3D image for more accurate diagnosis..

We talked about if we talked about p e t scan it uses a radioactive tracer to show the normal and the abnormal metabolic activity which can often detect abnormal  metabolism of the tracer in disease before the disease show up on other imagine test such a PET CT Scan and magnetic resonance images. 

This is non invasive painless and take about 30 minutes. It provides better imaging data notably increase patient comfort and convenience by reducing number of scanning session a patient must undergo the procedure is covered by private insurance and Medicare as well.

way health care provide the batch brand cities scanner with the best services as well it price is not costly as per  services the it provide the best brands. PET CT Scan


  • Max. No. of PET CT Scan slices 16.
  • Number of detector rows 24.
  • Elements 16128.
  • Channels per slice 1344.
  • Number of projections up to 2320 (1/360).
  • CT Transverse Scan Field 50 cm.
  • CT Rotation times 0.42, 0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.5s.
  • CT Temporal resolution down to 105 ms.

SIEMENS provides outstanding performance in all these area by combining very  latest PET & CT  innovation high powered medical imaging platform for  high resolution image quality under speed in for the expanding the capability of canal Simon goal was to designs system with breath taking scanning speed exceptional image quality under present and clinical flexibility enhance patient come for  seamless integration and connectivity SEIMEN offer you unlimited imaging capabilities weather your especially oncology, cardiology or neurology the biography family of a cutting as applications to help you with the rapid diagnose.

4 way healthcare establish in year 2008 at Gujarat their having four way medical laser and technology and are partnership based company which engage in manufacturing trading and exporting of laser treatment machine and instrument hospital machines aesthetic laser diode machine X-ray machine etc. under the supervision of managing director Sandeep Sudheer increasing the long list of satisfy line and providing   exporting service to their client there exporting their product to Africa England and Canada as well with insure it best quality and efficiency they are providing 24 hour 7 days support with free shipping and having satisfied feedback from their clients as well.

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