CT Scanner

CT Scanner

CT Scan

CT Scanner means a computerized tomography scan which combines a series of X-Ray images taken from the different angles around your body and you the computer processing to create cross sectional images or this slices of the bonds blood vessels soft tissue inside a body it is can image provide more detailed information about the plane x-ray if we are talking about it functioning so a city scan is a diagnostic imaging procedure that uses a combination of X-Ray and the computer technology to produce images of inside of the body it show the detail image of any part of the body including the balls muscles fats organ and blood vessels.

4 way healthcare establish in year 2008 at Gujarat their having four way medical laser and technology and are partnership based company which engage in manufacturing trading and exporting of laser treatment machine and instrument hospital machines aesthetic laser diode machine X-ray machine etc under the supervision of managing director Sandeep Sudheer increasing the long list of satisfy line and providing  service to their client there exporting their product to Africa England and Canada as well with insure it best quality and efficiency they are providing 24 hour 7 days support with free shipping and having satisfied feedback from their clients as well.

CT scanner function 

If you are talking about some advance it is can technology then it includes high resolution City scanner which is having very thence lies helical or spiral cities can in which both the patient and x-ray beam move continuously ultra fast it is Keno which produce the images very rapidly computer tomography and geography CTA with generator x-ray image of blood vessel. 

 You can get different brand  of CT Scanner with different price but here 4way healthcare provides you best at reasonable prices

4 way healthcare provides best quality service and the products which even export in other countries which ensure it’s reliability. 

Toshiba lightning 32 cities scanner is a best CT Scanner and having 3785 slices updated software revision low dose aid are 3D and options of double slice 32 all to third view multiply Alto standard injector multi view PGP real act  REAL   

CT scan features and price

TOSHIBA LIGHTNING 32 CT Scanner , 2017 Toshiba LIGHTNING 32 slice CT Scanner with a new 2021 install tube CXB-500B with 3,785 slices.

 Updated Software Revision V7.0 SP0503 and Version 11.6.

Low Dose AIDR3D and options such as: DOUBLE SLICE 32, Aalto 3D View, Aalto Multiline, Aalto Standard, Injector SYN, Multiview, PGP, REALEC, Real Prep, Real View, SP H50, ST 06 Second, TIFF, STGR-SCU, TOS Service, TSB DVD, DCM-CDR, DPRT Color. System of power conditioner included and the system of cables backup software phantoms and the available menu its having wit in the cost of 1,1500000.


4 way healthcare provide the batch brand cities scanner with the best services as well it price is not costly as per IT services the it provide the best brand Toshiba CT Scanner with having 32 slice with a new in 2021 installed you can 500 b with 3785 slices which is itself is major factor even it provide the updated software revision and the version.

Computing tomography rank as one of best top 5 medical development in the last 50 years according to a medical survey it determine when surgeries are necessary it reduce the need for exploratory surgeries it improve the cancer diagnose and treatment it reduce the length of hospitalization it guide the treatment of common conditions such as injury cardiac disease placement into appropriate areas of care such as intensive care unit. 

CT scanning provides medical information that is different from other imaging examination such as ultrasound MRI p e t or Nuclear medicine each imaging technique has advantage and limitation  the major advantage of CT are its abilities to rapidly acquire image provide clear and specific information and image a small portion or all the body during the same examination no other imaging procedure combines these advantage into the single session.

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